How to Find Success with Sales Tax in 2020

by Jennifer Clark

January is often referred to as a perfect storm when it comes to sales tax. Virtually every remote seller will have to file a sales tax return, no matter if they are expected to file monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. And, if you’re new to sales tax, then it can be a stressful time to try and navigate concepts such as permits, nexus and marketplace facilitator collection.

Thankfully, TaxJar is here to help. We’ve created a Sales Tax Survival Guide to help you understand your sales tax implications after the busy holiday season. You’ll learn how an increase in sales during the holidays might affect your need to collect sales tax and how to get started.

We’ve outlined tips for understanding when and where you might have a responsibility to file as well as suggestions for how to automate your sales tax returns. We’re happy to walk you through the basics as well as provide a deeper understanding around sales tax so your path to compliance is an easy one. 

To make sure you never miss a sales tax deadline, our complete state-by-state list of sales tax due dates for January 2020 is just one more resource you’ll find along with our Survival Guide, to keep you on track around all the myriad sales tax filings due dates.  

TaxJar understands sales tax is complicated and it’s our hope these resources will provide you with a greater, more comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of sales tax. To learn more about how TaxJar automates sales tax so you never have to manually file again, visit  

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