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How to File a Sales Tax Return in Washington State

by Mark Faggiano

File Sales Tax Washington

The biggest pain we hear from our customers when it comes to states like Washington is filing sales tax returns.

That’s because Washington requires you to break down your gross sales per local jurisdiction (as opposed to asking for one simple gross sales figure for all customers in the state). Further, Washington requires that you look up the numerical jurisdictional code for each district when filing. Needless to say, finding and calculating these three things creates a huge extra burden on business owners when it comes times to file a sales tax return in Washington.

How to file sales tax in Washington state

Screenshot from Washington’s eFile Website. Imagine manually calculating and looking up all of this!

The good news for you is that TaxJar does that work for you in our local sales tax reports. These give online sellers the jurisdictional breakdown they need to make filing a heck of a lot easier.

Washington state TaxJar report

TaxJar’s local reports break down how much sales tax you charged in each sales tax jurisdiction (typically cities and counties). We even provide the jurisdiction code for you, so you can quickly and easily eFile with the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Filing sales tax returns in Washington can be very difficult, but with TaxJar’s local reports, it only takes a few minutes.

Prefer to watch? This video explains the process of using TaxJar’s local reports to file your sales tax returns in Washington:

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