NC Sales Tax 101

How to File a Sales Tax Return in North Carolina

by Mark Faggiano

File Sales Tax Return NC

If you’ve ever had to file a sales tax return in the state of North Carolina, you know how difficult this process can be. As an eCommerce seller, not only must you calculate how much sales tax you collected in buyers from each county in North Carolina, you just also deal with two disparate tax rates.

What do we mean? Some North Carolina counties ad a 2% county tax while some add a 2.25% count tax. Unfortunately, the form North Carolina requires sales tax filers to fill out does not specify which counties charge the 2% and which counties charge the 2.25%. So not only does an eCommerce seller have to calculate how much tax she charged within each county, while filling out the form she also has to figure out what additional tax rate each county levies. Further, a handful of counties in North Carolina levy a 0.5% transit tax. Again, instead of providing this information in any sort of simple way, they leave it up to sellers to determine which counties include that additional 0.5%.

In other words, when filing your sales tax return in North Carolina, you have to figure out how much sales tax you collected in each and every county, as well as the sales tax rates for that county, and then figure out which counties include the 0.5% transit tax on top of that. What a nightmare!

That’s where TaxJar’s new North Carolina local report saves the day.

TaxJar allows online sellers to integrate the platforms you sell on – like eBay, Amazon, Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and more – and calculates just how much you collected in sales tax from buyers in North Carolina.

Then our local report gives you all this information at a glance. Filing a sales tax return in North Carolina – a task that once took hours involving spreadsheets, tax lookup tables and lots of head-scratching over tax rates – now takes only minutes.

TaxJar helps you fill out your North Carolina sales tax returns so you can get back to running your business.

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