NY Sales Tax 101

How to File a Sales Tax Return in New York State

by Mark Faggiano

File NY Sales Tax Return

When you think of New York City you usually think of people hustling, bustling and hurrying, right? Well, all that commerce screeches to a grinding halt when an eCommerce seller tries to file a sales tax return in New York State.

New York is a destination-based sales tax state, meaning that sellers must collect sales tax at the rate of their buyer’s location. When it’s time to file a sales tax return, online sellers must tell the state of New York how much they collected in each jurisdiction over the taxable time period. Figuring out these numbers can be an especially huge challenge for multi-channel sellers. More importantly, it’s a big time drain.

Here’s a screenshot of what sellers have to do to file a sales tax return on the NY state website.

File Sales Tax New York State

New York has almost 100 taxable jurisdictions, and expects online sellers to keep up with how much they collected in every single one of them!

TaxJar’s eliminates all of the manual work required. Our New York local report (see an example below) allows sellers to integrate services they use – including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, PayPal, Magento and many more – and then it automatically gives you a breakdown of how much you collected in each of New York’s sales tax jurisdictions. There’s no more need to mess with combining reports into Excel spreadsheets or dealing with confusing tax lookup tables.

how to file sales tax in New York state TaxJar

TaxJar’s simple report saves you hours filing your New York states sales tax return!

Filing sales tax returns in New York can be very difficult, but with TaxJar’s local reports, it only takes a few minutes. Have questions? Start the conversation in the comments.

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