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How to File a Nevada Sales Tax Return

by Jennifer Dunn

Nevada Sales Tax Return Filing Guide

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What You’ll Need

1) Your TaxJar Nevada Sales Tax Report

2) Your Nevada Tax Center username

3) Your Nevada Tax Center password

4) Your bank account number

5) Your routing number

How to File a Nevada Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 4-7 minutes (Depending on county sales volume)

1) Open your TaxJar Nevada Sales Tax Report

2) Decide whether to use your Actual Sales Tax Collected Report or Expected Sales Tax Due report.

(Note: In most cases, we recommend using the numbers from your “Actual Sales Tax Collected Report,” but you may want to use your “Expected Sales Tax Due Report” if you were not collecting sales tax and need to report sales tax you should have collected. Read more about Expected and Actual sales tax reports here.)

3) Visit the Nevada Tax Center and use your Nevada username and password to log in

Nevada Tax Center Login screen

4) On the next screen click “Filings” then select your filing period.

Be sure to answer the two questions by checking the “yes” or “no” boxes.

Nevada Sales Tax Filing Directions

5) Here choose a county or counties where you made sales. You can find the names of these counties and their numbers on your Nevada state report in TaxJar.

Nevada Sales Tax Filing Choose a County

6) One the next page, enter the “Total Sales” from your TaxJar Nevada state report into the “Total Sales” field on your Nevada sales tax filing.

Your TaxJar report:

Nevada state sales tax

Your Nevada sales tax filing:

Nevada enter sales tax by county

7) When you are finished entering your data, the totals  at the bottom of the screen on your Nevada sales tax filing should match the totals on your TaxJar Nevada state report. To check your data entry, check that “Total Sales,” “Exempt Sales,” “Taxable Sales,” and “Calculated Sales Tax” all match. If something seems off, check your data entry.

Important note: In some cases, these totals may calculate out to a few cents or dollars difference. You can read more about why this is in our post about states and sales tax rounding.)

TaxJar Nevada state page

8) The next page will be your detailed summary. If everything looks correct, check the checkbox at the bottom of the page and then click “Submit.”

In the uncommon case that you have additional credits from (money due to you from the Nevada Department of Revenue) or liabilities (money you owe to the Nevada Department of Revenue), you can enter them here.

Nevada Sales Tax Filing Summary

9) Once your filing has submitted, note your confirmation number.  Now it’s time to make a payment. Click “Make a Payment” or “Schedule Payment” on this page. (Always make sure to pay by the return due date or you will generally still be considered late and will be subject to penalties.)

Make a Payment Nevada Sales Tax Filing

10) On the next pages, you’ll enter your payment information, including bank name, account and routing numbers and address. Nevada requires that you pay via e-check. You’ll know you’re finished paying once you reach this confirmation page.

Nevada Sales Tax Filing Final Screen

After that, you’re all set and have successfully filed your Nevada sales tax return!

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