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How to File an Ohio Sales Tax Return

by Jennifer Dunn

how to File Ohio Sales Tax

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What You’ll Need

1) Your TaxJar Ohio Sales Tax Report

2) Your Ohio Business Gateway username

3) Your Ohio Business Gateway password

4) Your Ohio Tax ID Number

5) Your bank account number

6) Your routing number

How to File an Ohio Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 4-7 minutes (Depending on county sales volume)

1) Open your TaxJar Ohio Sales Tax Report

2) Decide whether to use your Actual Sales Tax Collected Report or Expected Sales Tax Due report.

(Note: In most cases, we recommend using the numbers from your “Actual Sales Tax Collected Report,” but you may want to use your “Expected Sales Tax Due Report” if you were not collecting sales tax and need to report sales tax you should have collected. Read more about Expected and Actual sales tax reports here.)

3) Use your username and password to login at Ohio Business Gateway.

Ohio Business Gateway

4) On this screen, click “Ohio Taxation Sales and Use Tax” and then, from the drop down, click “File/Pay Sales Tax Return (UST-1)”


5) You may be asked to acknowledge recent sales tax changes. If so, just click “Acknowledge” next to each tax change, and then “Next.”

6) On the next page, click the “Data Entry” option to manually file your Ohio sales tax return, then click “Next.”

Ohio sales tax filing

7) On this screen, enter your Ohio vendor license/account number (AKA your Ohio sales tax license number) in the field at the top. Then choose “All counties.” (It’s quicker to choose “All counties” than to forget a count and have to go back out and checkmark it!). Click “Next.”

Ohio Sales Tax Return Select Counties

8) Click “Confirm” on the next page to confirm your county choices.

9)  On this page, choose the following:

  • your Account Number from the drop down (there should be only one choice unless you manage multiple businesses)
  • the period for which you wish to file
  • whether you are filing an original or amended return

File Ohio Sales Tax Return Choose Filing Period

10) On the next page, you’ll find a list of all of the counties in Ohio. From there, use your TaxJar Ohio state report to fill in the amount “Taxed Sales” and “Tax Collected” from buyers in each county.

Ohio Sales Tax Filing Counties

Your TaxJar Ohio state report:

Ohio state sales tax report TaxJar

When filled out, it will look like this:

Ohio Sales Tax Return Example

To check your data, the “Taxable Sales” column total at the bottom of your Ohio sales tax return should match the “Gross Sales” total on your TaxJar state report. And the “Taxable Liability” total at the bottom of your Ohio sales tax return should match the  “State + Local Taxes” Total on your TaxJar state report.

11) Don’t be worried if you receive red error messages on this next screen. Just correct each line item that the state advises you to correct.

Why does this happen? Ohio is one of those states that rounds your sales tax return. You can read more about rounding on sales tax returns here.

Ohio Sales Tax Rounding errors

12) On the next screen, enter your “Gross Sales” from your TaxJar Ohio state report into the Gross Sales box. You likely won’t have anything else to enter into the other boxes, but if you do, fill those out as well. Click “Next.”

13) On the next screen, you’ll see a summary of what you filed. You can check your data entry here by making sure the “Gross Sales” and “Balance Due” numbers match your TaxJar Ohio state report.  (Remember, due to rounding, these numbers may be a little bit different.)  Click “Accept Data.”

Ohio Sales Tax Return Totals

14)  On the next page, follow the steps to pay your balance owed to the state.

After that, you’re all set and have successfully filed your Ohio sales tax return!

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