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California Sales Tax Notifications Sent in Error

by Mark Faggiano

California Sales Tax

Did you receive a notification from the California Board of Equalization on or around March 3, 2015, saying that your annual sales tax payment is over due? If you’re paid up, don’t fret. These notifications went out to taxpayers in error. In fact, check your email. You should have received a correction and everything should be cleared up.

But hearing about this erroneous notice from customers put California on our minds. Here a couple things you need to know about filing sales tax in California:

When are California sales tax filings due?

If you file monthly…

Your sales tax returns are due at the end of the month following the taxable month. For example, your April sales tax return would be due May 31st

2015 California Monthly Sales Tax Filing Due Dates

Taxable Period Due Date
January March 2, 2015*
February March 31, 2015
March April 30, 2015
April June 1, 2015*
May June 30, 2015
June July 31, 2015
July August 31, 2015
August September 30, 2015
September November 2, 2015*
October November 30, 2015
November December 31, 2015
December February 1, 2016*

*indicates a due date pushed back due to a weekend or holiday
If you file quarterly…

2015 California Quarterly Sales Tax Filing Due Dates

Taxable Period Due Date
Q1 (Jan – Mar) April 30, 2015
Q2 (Apr – Jun) July 31, 2015
Q3 (Jul – Sep) November 2, 2015*
Q4 (Oct – Dec) January 31, 2016

*indicates a due date pushed back due to a weekend or holiday

If you file annually…

2015 California Annual Sales Tax Filing Due Date

Taxable Period Due Date
Year 2015 January 31, 2016

What are the penalties for failing to file and pay California sales tax on time?

Forgot to pay on time?

California Sales Tax Late Filing Penalty – 10% of sales tax owed (Source)

California Sales Tax Late Payment Penalty – 10% of sales tax owed (Source)

If you both file late and pay late, your penalty will not exceed 10% of the amount of taxes due. Other penalties for fraud or serial offenses include higher penalties and even criminal charges. So be sure to get that filing and payment in on time!

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