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Connect Your Bigcommerce Store to TaxJar

by Mark Faggiano

big commerce sales taxWe’re excited to announce the addition of another new source of sales and tax data that ecommerce sellers can add to their TaxJar account. This time it’s Bigcommerce!

This announcement means even more small businesses can get the benefits of automated sales tax reporting that saves hours per filing period. Bigcommerce comes on the heels of our announcement with Etsy just last month – just the latest step in making our product available to anyone that sells online.

Why Bigcommerce?
C’mon. You already know the answer to that. Say it with me: “It’s because our customers wanted it”. What a concept!

Ecommerce merchants have created more than 50,000 stores on Big Commerce. And Bigcommerce is aiming to grow a lot bigger thanks to the $40 million in funding they received last year. Most importantly for the TaxJar team, the folks that open stores on Bigcommerce are no different than our customers on Amazon or Shopify, for example, when it comes to sales tax. Bigcommerce store owners also have to deal with the same frustrating, time-draining burden of filing sales tax returns in states they have sales tax nexus.

Brand new to sales tax?
If you’ve setup a store on Bigcommerce and are new to sales tax, we have the perfect report for you. Check out our “Actual vs Estimated” sales tax report (screenshot below). This report tells you how much we think you SHOULD have collected. By doing this for each order, we are able to then summarize over a period of time so you can see the rate at which you should be collecting and how much you were supposed to pay to the states.

sales tax collectedWe’ve also written a really helpful guide called the Introduction to Sales Tax for Online Sellers (PDF) that answers a lot of the very basic questions about when to collect sales tax, how to collect it, and the best ways to save time once it’s time to file a sales tax return.

TaxJar is Integrated into Bigcommerce!
This might be the coolest part of the announcement. Adding TaxJar to your Bigcommerce store is super easy. All you need to do is click the “Apps” icon in the left navigation of your admin panel.

big commerce sales tax

You’ll see TaxJar is one of only about 20 apps available to Bigcommerce customers. Just click the TaxJar app and you’ll get a nice big blue button that you can click to install. That’s it. You’re done. Just wait for the first set of awesome sales tax reports to populate. Maybe go grab a coffee to reward yourself.

sales tax big commerce

TaxJar will automatically download your sales and tax data for the last 90 days, populating your first set of reports in minutes. Beyond 30 days we charge based on how many transactions you’re business is doing per month.

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