Automate Your Sales Tax with X-Cart and TaxJar

by Jake Johnson

Today I’m pleased to announce that TaxJar now integrates with X-Cart for automated sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing.

X-Cart is a popular open source shopping cart platform powering over 35,000 online stores around the world in more than 111 countries. Using TaxJar, merchants can extend their X-Cart store to accurately calculate sales tax at checkout and automatically import transactions for sales tax reporting and filing. Learn how to get up and running in under 5 minutes.

Installing TaxJar on X-Cart

1. In your X-Cart admin panel, go to Store setup > Taxes.

2. Click the Install TaxJar integration button inside the TaxJar box:

Note: You can also find the TaxJar add-on in the X-Cart marketplace.

3. Toggle the “TaxJar Sales Tax Automation” switch to ON and click the orange Save changes button at the bottom of the screen:

4. After TaxJar is enabled, click the Settings link to configure the module:

5. Click the orange Join TaxJar button to visit and create a new TaxJar account:

6. Generate a new API token in TaxJar. Copy and paste your TaxJar API token into X-Cart:

7. Toggle the settings you’d like under Tax Calculation settings and click the orange Submit button to save your changes:

You’re all set! Go back to Store setup > Taxes.

Nexus Addresses

If you haven’t set up your nexus addresses in TaxJar, click the Manage your nexus addresses link:

Product Exemptions

To take advantage of product exemptions such as clothing or food/grocery, click the Tax classes tab and assign TaxJar category codes to your product tax classes:

Sales Tax Reporting & Filing

If the Enable tax reporting toggle switch is enabled under Tax Calculation settings, your X-Cart order and refund transactions will automatically be imported into TaxJar. Orders are imported immediately after they’re paid and delivered in a complete status. From there, you can use TaxJar Reports to break down all the sales tax you’ve collected by state:

TaxJar Dashboard 2017

By selecting a specific state sales tax report, you can use the information to log in to your state’s website and file returns that way. If you want to save even more time, consider using TaxJar AutoFile to let us process your returns. We’ll use the transactions you import from X-Cart and other channels to file sales tax returns on your behalf.

You only have to enroll once and we’ll handle the rest. Enroll today!

A big thanks to the X-Cart team for their hard work in building this integration! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Start your 30 day free trial of TaxJar. No credit card required.

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