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New! One-Click Sales Tax Filing from TaxJar

by Mark Faggiano

TaxJar AutoFile States July 2017 and beyond

Today, we’re proud to introduce the next step in eliminating sales tax compliance for our customers. We call it AutoFile – the first one-click sales tax filing feature built for online sellers.

This is the latest opportunity we’ve been given to deliver exactly what our customers have told us will make their lives a whole lot easier. That’s a great feeling.

Thanks to AutoFile, you don’t have to waste time logging in to state websites to fill out complicated sales tax returns. With just a single click, AutoFile will send the data we’ve already prepared for you in our local reports directly to the states. That means you’ll have even more time to spend on what matters most – growing your business.

How AutoFile Works

Our motto is to make things as simple as possible. We’ve worked really hard with customers to ensure that AutoFile is no exception. All you have to do to use this new feature is fill out a simple form for each state one time and you’re done. We’ll take care of the rest by automatically filing and paying the state from your designated bank account.

Check out how simple it is to enroll:

Why AutoFile is the “Next Big Thing”

Remember, TaxJar already helps product sellers of all kinds integrate the eCommerce platforms they sell on, see all sales tax collected in one place, and even determine whether they collected too little or too much.

AutoFile is the final step in closing the sales tax compliance gap. Wait until you see what’s next!

AutoFile is available in EVERY U.S. state.

Enroll in AutoFile for your state today and find out how TaxJar can save you time and headache on sales tax compliance.

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