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New and Improved Arizona State Report for Amazon FBA Sellers

by Kevin Reeth

Arizona Sales Tax

After many months of customer feedback, research and software redesign, we’ve released a major upgrade to the Arizona sales tax report. So major, in fact, that the layout looks almost exactly the same.

I kid, but not really. The most important changes in the report are not the layout, but in the numbers themselves.

1. Arizona asks that Gross Sales totals include the amount of tax that was actually collected, and then subtract the sales tax amount along with other deductions. Our report now indicates that Gross Sales includes tax collected, and you can see the tax collected amounts under the deductions column.

2. Arizona counties, when calculating tax owed, include both the 5.6% state and the local county tax (i.e. sales tax.) Well, now, so does our sales tax report, on both the Actual and Expected views.

3. TaxJar now identifies Business Code for the transactions. This helps distinguish between Transaction Privilege Tax (reported as Code 17-Retail) and Use Tax (Code 29) sales.

4. Arizona recently consolidated filing and remittance for Program and Non-Program cities (for which they were awarded a prestigious Sales Taxy award) This makes it possible to file for all counties and cities in one place. Our sales tax report has been updated to reflect this.

5. There is a new row and amount near the bottom of the Arizona sales tax report for “Excess state tax collected.” If you happened to have collected more than is owed, that amount will automatically show up here.

We know this reflects a pretty significant change, but hopefully it makes filing in Arizona much easier for FBA sellers.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. Email us at

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