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​Customizing Amazon Buyer-Seller Communication (with Less Effort)

by Jennifer Dunn

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You’re a busy person. Each new day brings countless orders, returns, shipments and inventory decisions.

In a perfect world, you would personally engage with each customer and ensure he or she was completely satisfied. Unfortunately, you simply don’t have the time (or resources). Even if you did, Amazon is pretty protective of what you can (and can’t) say via the Buyer-Seller messaging service.

For these reasons, some sellers do absolutely nothing. They simply assume that no news is good news.

However, you’re not like most sellers. Surely there’s a more automated approach, right?

In this post, we’ll share a few tips for customizing the buying experience (with less effort).

Develop Your Automation Strategy

Marketing automation has become a hot topic in today’s digital world. In fact, you may have even implemented a few techniques for your own eCommerce website. The goal of marketing automation is to automatically nurture website visitors (via email) toward a desired outcome. Providing a customized shopping experience, upselling and cross-selling are common goals. Like marketing automation, feedback automation seeks to efficiently facilitate an otherwise impossible task (in this case, streamlining the Amazon feedback loop).

Why is feedback automation an important priority for Amazon merchants? As has been well documented, Amazon feedback is one of the few opportunities for buyers to rate their buying experiences (in an otherwise anonymous transaction). From the seller’s perspective, feedback not only indicates customer satisfaction – it also influences Buy Box position and many Amazon performance KPIs. With feedback playing such an important role for both parties, it’s no wonder why merchants are turning to an automated approach.

Some larger sellers have the in-house resources necessary to build a feedback automation app. The majority of sellers, however, simply rely on Saas tools, such as our FeedbackFive system. Whether you go with an off-the-shelf solution or build your own, it’s important to find software that can:

  • Solicit both feedback and product reviews
  • Send emails at the right time, every time (such as shortly after delivery)
  • Track your success rates
  • Make it easy to build graphically-appealing emails
  • Leverage merge field data (for bulk customization of outgoing emails – name, order #, etc.)
  • Allow people to opt out of future solicitations
  • Alert you of negative feedback
  • Keep you in compliance with Amazon’s rules
  • Help you deliver an unbelievable experience – thereby, earning more feedback

Carefully Map Your Automation Rules

Of course, an automated feedback management system doesn’t inherently understand your business model. Like any piece of technology, you’ll need to spend time customizing workflows. Although some apps offer prebuilt automation campaigns, the most successful feedback initiatives are those that closely mirror your processes.

To get started, spend time mapping your ideal automation rules. For example, many of our customers start by defining what emails should be sent (or not sent) when:

  • The order goes as planned
  • The shipment arrives early (or late)
  • The customer asks for a refund
  • A traditionally popular (or unpopular) SKU is sold
  • An expensive item is sold
  • A customer has already provided feedback
  • The product has a certain tag

Once you’ve implemented your basic business rules, you can then begin tweaking timing rules. For example, you may find soliciting within an hour of delivery can yield favorable response rates.

Automate Your Workflow

Let technology help you achieve your goal of happier customers (and also a better Amazon seller reputation). Seek a more automated approach to Amazon feedback management in 2017.

About the Author

Liz Fickenscher is the business development lead at She keeps her finger on the pulse of eCommerce, communicating with Amazon Sellers and learning about their pain points and needs. Liz focuses on providing valuable information to sellers through blog posts and informational webinars, and she is the affiliate ambassador, engaging with customers and strategic partners to bring the best information to the industry.

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