5 Great Blogs for eCommerce Newbies

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best eCommerce blogs 2018

New year, new business! For entrepreneurs starting up eCommerce companies in 2018, we’ve already covered which online resources they should seek out for every stage of their business and websites that provide financial advice tailored for eCommerce specifically. But what about blogs eCommerce ‘treps can follow that cover need-to-know topics like launching your site, marketing strategies, referral tips, and information about sales tax? We’ve rounded up some of the best blogs that eCommerce newbies need to add to their reading list this year — and for the sake of staying fresh, these are all websites we haven’t already covered in previous posts.

Practical Ecommerce

It’s all in the name — this blog offers up plenty of practical advice for eCommerce businesses getting started specifically on conversion and marketing topics from their team of experts. Each week you can find content loaded with tips for how to plan ahead with content marketing tips for February, learn how to customize your Google Analytics reports, and even find out how live streaming can help promote eCommerce products.

Magento Blog

Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet, are you ready to maximize your online store? The Magento Blog, the blog companion to the Magento eCommerce platform site, is chock full of best practices and technical advice from the pros to help get you there. You can filter posts by topics ranging from customer stories to marketplace to read up on posts about boosting engagement, questions to ask if you want to upgrade your platform, and what a PWA is and why retailers need to know about it, just to name a few.

Traffic and Sales

You’ve got the basics of running an eCommerce store down, but how can you increase your site’s traffic and sales? Enter the aptly named Traffic and Sales blog that provides resources and information for eCommerce business owners on techniques for growing (and keeping) your traffic and sales. Find out how to design a pop-up that provides high conversions, how to create user generated content that grabs the attention of your customers, and listen in to podcasts from successful eCommerce professionals.

ReferralCandy Blog

Which eCommerce business doesn’t want more word of mouth and customer referrals? The ReferralCandy Blog is dedicated to revealing the ins and outs of all things referral-based, with topics covered including setting up your referral program’s incentives, defining the metrics and benchmarks of a referral program, increasing sales by optimizing your eCommerce site, and how to go viral on LinkedIn.

TaxJar Sales Tax Blog

We couldn’t make this listicle without including our pals at TaxJar! Their blog specializes in sales tax content, as well as a variety of other topics pertaining to eCommerce. On the sales tax side, entrepreneurs can discover more about sales tax by each state, how to autofile sales tax returns, due dates for each month, and much more. (Editor’s note: Thanks for including us, Deborah!)

Do you have an eCommerce blog you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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