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Is Shipping Taxable?

sales tax and shipping Frequently Asked Question: Are shipping charges taxable? Answer: It depends. Like almost everything else in sales tax, the laws around taxability of shipping charges you pass along to your customers are not universal. Some states say it’s taxable. Others say it’s not. Some states say shipping is taxable but handing is not. Imagine how much easier sales tax would be if the states worked together?

This post is for online sellers who need some general guidance on how each state handles shipping charges. Sort through the list below to find your state as well as other states in which you have sales tax nexus. You also click on each state name for a more specific post about what each state has to say about shipping taxability.

**Here are some important assumptions to keep in mind as you use this list:**

  • You’re an eCommerce seller, not a traditional brick-and-mortar merchant
  • You separately state shipping charges on your invoice to the customer, and do not include the shipping price in the purchase price of your products
  • You’re delivering items to your customers via common carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • You’re not delivering items yourself using your own vehicle. States may have entirely different rules for that scenario.
  • You’re shipping taxable items to customers within a state where you have sales tax nexus. For example, you live in Georgia and are shipping a taxable item to a customer in Georgia.
  • If you have more specific scenarios not covered by these assumptions, your best option is to talk to a representative in your state.

Is Shipping Taxable in Your State?

Click on each state name for more about shipping taxability in each individual state.

(States with (A) have an Amazon Fulfillment Center as of this writing)

Alabama – Shipping charges are not taxable

Arizona (A) – Shipping charges are not taxable

Arkansas – Shipping is taxable

California (A) – Shipping is not taxable

Colorado – Shipping is taxable

Connecticut – Shipping is taxable

District of Columbia – Shipping is taxable

Florida (A) – Shipping is taxable

Georgia – Shipping is taxable

Hawaii – Shipping is taxable

Idaho – Shipping charges are not taxable

Illinois – Shipping is not taxable (Illinois’s regulations can be unclear when it comes to shipping. See our in-depth investigation in “Shipping in Illinois: Taxable or Not?“)

Indiana (A) – Shipping is taxable

Iowa – Shipping charges are not taxable

Kansas (A) – Shipping is taxable

Kentucky (A) – Shipping is taxable

Louisiana – Shipping charges are not taxable

Maine – Shipping is taxable

Maryland – Shipping is not taxable, but with a caveat. Shipping and handling charges together are taxable. If you charge shipping and handling as a combined charge, then you should charge sales tax on shipping charges.

Massachusetts – Shipping is taxable

Michigan – Shipping is taxable

Minnesota – Shipping is taxable

Mississippi – Shipping is taxable

Missouri – Shipping is taxable

Nebraska – Shipping is taxable

Nevada (A) – Shipping is taxable

New Jersey (A) – Shipping is taxable

New Mexico – Shipping is taxable

New York – Shipping is taxable

North Carolina – Shipping is taxable

North Dakota – Shipping is taxable

Ohio – Shipping is taxable

Oklahoma – Shipping charges are not taxable

Pennsylvania (A) – Shipping is taxable

Rhode Island – Shipping is taxable

South Carolina (A) – Shipping is taxable

South Dakota – Shipping is taxable

Tennessee (A) – Shipping is taxable

Texas (A) – Shipping is taxable

Utah – Shipping is taxable

Vermont – Shipping is taxable

Virginia (A) – Shipping is not taxable, but with a caveat. Shipping and handling charges together are taxable. If you charge shipping and handling as a combined charge, then you should charge sales tax on shipping charges.

Washington (A) – Shipping is taxable

West Virginia – Shipping is taxable

Wisconsin – Shipping is taxable

Wyoming – Shipping charges are not taxable

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    • PSand

      Actually, in Illinois, you are required to charge tax on shipping. See Illinois Wal-Mart case, Nov 21, 2008 (Nancy Kean v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.) No. 1-07-1341.

      • Mark Faggiano

        The state of Illinois will say otherwise. According to their website (and the folks employed on the Department of Revenue) shipping is only taxable if it’s included in the price of the item. They state very specifically that shipping is not taxable if it is separately states on the bill or invoice.

        • PSand

          I understand that, but we are currently undergoing an audit, and the Wal-mart case is very specific, and is being referenced by the auditor. Imagine our surprise when we found out that IDOR’s guidance is wrong and is not what is used by their auditors! Paraphrasing the judge in the Wal-mart case – “It doesn’t matter if IDOR says shipping is not taxable. Shipping is taxable.” I will email the case to you if I can locate your email address.

          • Mark Faggiano

            I even called the state again and they still say it’s not taxable if separately stated.

            Thanks for the info, PSand. Scary stuff when the state says one thing and the auditor the exact opposite.

            • uggh

              we are being sued for said case and we are forced to pay and change our sites to charge sales tax on shipping – you see whislteblower law nets IL 70% of the money received – so why should they make a decision.

            • Mark Faggiano

              So the state told you that shipping IS taxble in Illinois as well?

            • uggh

              Nope -the state is being quiet on it – problem is IL supreme court judge says charge tax – IDOR has no clear decision – the courts will side with the legal case so bussinesses cannot win if pushed to trial –

            • Jennifer Dunn @ TaxJar

              Hi there, We investigated this one further and put up a blog post about it. Here it is: Please share with your Illinois eCommerce seller colleagues and ask them to comment if they’ve found anything different. Thanks!

    • Joyce

      My company was audited by the Illinois around two years ago. We do not collect sales tax on shipping. We had no issue with shipping, it was not taxable. The audit went smoothly, we owed no money. In fact we got a refund!!!
      Best audit ever…the worst was the state of California.

    • Alex

      I had a choice of ordering from Michigan or Indiana. The Michigan seller charged sales tax on the postage. So I ordered from the Indiana seller, and I’d do the same thing again!

    • TaxJar

      You charge sales tax on the actual amount the buyer pays. (Keep in mind that you aren’t actually taxed. You are charging sales tax to the buyer.) I hope this helps!

    • TaxJar

      Hi Greg,

      This sounds like one of those many small nitpicky discrepancies that makes sales tax so confusing for merchants. I don’t want to try to interpret the law and potentially mislead, so I’d recommend consulting with either the Colorado Dept of Revenue or a sales tax good accountant on this one. George Sleeman, one of our preferred sales tax EA’s, is actually in Colorado. Here’s his info:

    • TaxJar

      Hi Richard, Yes, I definitely believe that’s true. The sales tax on shipping law in Indiana changed without much fanfare and I’m betting a lot of sellers have the old info. If I were you and ran into this, I may just let the retailer know.

    • VinVonn

      One service we provide our customers with is the ability to print shipping labels so they can send their products to consumers around the US.

      We’ve arranged for competitive pricing on shipping costs, and include a slight mark up for our purposes. Our customers have the option of passing the shipping costs on to their consumers, or marking up/down the shipping costs.

      We have not been charging sales and use tax on the shipping labels, since we consider this to be different than the ‘shipping, handling’ charges normally included. Any insight would be helpful.

      • TaxJar

        Hi VinVonn, I recommend going straight to a sales tax pro on this one. This is extremely specific and we can only provide general guidance. Here’s a list of sales tax pros we trust here at TaxJar:

    • damiankaelgreen

      Very helpful post, Thank you!

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