Improved Illinois Sales Tax Report

by Kevin Reeth

In our continuing efforts to have TaxJar produce sales tax reports that match the requirements of individual states, we recently updated the TaxJar state report for the state of Illinois.

Now, then you click into your Illinois sales tax report, you will see sales and tax totals grouped according to whether the sale originated within the state of Illinois, or from outside.


This is particularly valuable to Amazon sellers and other who may ship products from warehouses outside of Illinois. Why? Because for orders that ship into Illinois from another state, Illinois only requires that sellers (and others) collect the state tax rate of 6.25%, while all orders shipped from within the state collect the rate based on where the order originated.

The screen shot above shows what the report will look like for an Illinois-based multi-channel seller who sells most items through their website, but also sells a substantial amount through Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses throughout the country.

Hopefully, this now makes filling out Illinois sales tax return much easier.

As always, feel free to reach out with any comments or feedback, by either commenting on this post, or emailing use at [email protected]

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