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How to File a Nevada Sales Tax Return

by Aisha Ford

File Nevada Sales Tax Return

Save time filing your Nevada sales tax return with this step-by-step guide. Or better yet, have TaxJar AutoFile your Nevada sales tax return. Sign up for AutoFile today!

What You’ll Need:

1) Your TaxJar Nevada Actual Sales Tax Collected Report

2) Your Nevada Tax Center Username

3) Your Nevada Tax Center Password

4) Your Nevada Business Identification Number (if applicable)

6) Your bank account number

7) Your routing number

How to File a Nevada Sales Tax Return

Estimated time (with TaxJar): 4-7 minutes (Depending on county sales volume)

1) Open your TaxJar Nevada Sales Tax Report

2) Click the blue “file manually” link at the bottom of your Nevada Report. The next page will show you the main details you’ll need to complete the return form, and also provide a link to file online at the Nevada Tax Center website.

3) Sign In at Nevada Tax Center with your Username and Password. If you’ve added your Nevada Business Identification Number to your account, the system will prompt you to enter this as well.

4) Click the link for your “Sales and Use Tax” account which brings up the open period.

5) Select “File Return” from the left hand menu.

6) Enter the period end date of the return you need to file and “Submit.”

7) The next page will ask you to enter your total sales and exempt sales by county. You’ll find this information listed next to the County name under “Total Sales” in your Nevada Sales Tax Report in TaxJar.

If you had untaxed, or exempt transactions, you can subtract the Taxed Sales from the Total Sales figure in your Nevada Report to find your exempt sales total by county.

8) After you enter your County sales, click the “Next” button.

9) The next page will ask you to review your country sales data. Click “Next” after reviewing

10) The next page will show you the total taxes owed. Click “Submit” to move forward.

11) The next page will display Return Confirmation details and ask if you would like to make a payment. Click “Next.”

12) Enter the amount you are going to pay and click “Continue.”

13) The next page will ask you to select your payment method and click “Next.”

14) Enter your payment details and click “Continue.”

15) The next page will display payment confirmation details. Review and click “Submit.”

16) The next page will provide a confirmation details for your records.

17) You’ll also want to log into TaxJar and record the payment in your Payment History.

You’re done! Have questions or comments? Ask your peers and the experts over at SalesTaxCommunity.com.

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