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Amazon repricing

Why Dynamic Pricing is a must for Amazon Sellers

This week’s guest blog is an interview with Seamus Breslin of RepricerExpress, who tells us about what exactly repricing software does and how it can help your business. What is repricing software? Repricing software essentially allows Amazon sellers to automatically compare their product prices to those of competitors’ and adjust them accordingly. Price is so […]

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sales tax and pos devices

Sales Tax and POS Devices: Read Before you Swipe

With Etsy’s recent announcement that they are entering the world of in-person payments with their own credit card reader, it’s clear that online and offline commerce and quickly merging. We see it all the time here at TaxJar: a customer might sell on eBay or Amazon but also connect their Square account for those in-person […]

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kansas sales tax

Is Shipping in Kansas Taxable?

If you have sales tax nexus in Kansas, you know you have to charge sales tax to Kansas buyers for any products they buy. But do you also have to charge sales tax on the cost of shipping the goods to them? Each state has its own set of rules around shipping and whether it’s […]

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florida sales tax

Florida Sales Tax for Online Sellers

This is the latest post for online sellers who need information about when and how to collect sales tax in Florida. To help simplify things, I’ve framed the info around the most common customer examples and questions we get at TaxJar. If none of these examples apply to your business then it’s a good idea to […]

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When to Register for a Sales Tax Permit

When to Register for a Sales Tax License

There are three things we know to be true about sales tax: 1.) States where you have sales tax nexus require you to collect sales tax from buyers in those states 2.) States consider it unlawful to collect sales tax without a sales tax license 3.) You never know when you’ll make your first sale in […]

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Vermont sales tax

Vermont Sales Tax Guide for Business

Sales tax is confusing enough as it is. To make things worse, though, each state is remarkably different from the others. Every state has its own rules, regulations, and other mess to sort through. To help you out, we’re going through each state and digging up the rules and regulations you need to know. Today we’re […]

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Indiana sales tax

Is Shipping in Indiana Taxable?

You’ve just sold some items through your online store in the state of Indiana. While you know you have sales tax nexus there and need to charge sales tax on the products you’ve sold, you’re not sure if the charges you add on for shipping and handling are taxable. To help you out, we took […]

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