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florida sales tax

Florida Sales Tax for Online Sellers

This is the latest post for online sellers who need information about when and how to collect sales tax in Florida. To help simplify things, I’ve framed the info around the most common customer examples and questions we get at TaxJar. If none of these examples apply to your business then it’s a good idea to […]

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When to Register for a Sales Tax Permit

When to Register for a Sales Tax License

There are three things we know to be true about sales tax: 1.) States where you have sales tax nexus require you to collect sales tax from buyers in those states 2.) States consider it unlawful to collect sales tax without a sales tax license 3.) You never know when you’ll make your first sale in […]

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Vermont sales tax

Vermont Sales Tax Guide for Business

Sales tax is confusing enough as it is. To make things worse, though, each state is remarkably different from the others. Every state has its own rules, regulations, and other mess to sort through. To help you out, we’re going through each state and digging up the rules and regulations you need to know. Today we’re […]

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Indiana sales tax

Is Shipping in Indiana Taxable?

You’ve just sold some items through your online store in the state of Indiana. While you know you have sales tax nexus there and need to charge sales tax on the products you’ve sold, you’re not sure if the charges you add on for shipping and handling are taxable. To help you out, we took […]

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Georgia sales tax shipping

Georgia Sales Tax Guide for Business

Confused about whether you need to collect sales tax from buyers in Georgia? It’s understandable, considering every state has vastly different rules on the subject. To help you out, we’re covering the ins and outs of every state, and today we’re focusing on Georgia. You’re a merchant living anywhere but Georgia Does your business exist outside […]

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Sales tax on shipping California

Is Shipping in California Taxable?

Your eCommerce business is doing well and you’re making sales. One problem you’re encountering is figuring out whether or not you should charge sales tax on shipping charges. Each state has different rules and regulations when it comes to charging sales tax on shipping, and some of them make your life more difficult than others. One […]

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AZ sales tax

Is Shipping in Arizona Taxable?

You’ve just made a sale in Arizona, a state where you have sales tax nexus. While you’re happy about the money, you’ve now got a conundrum on your hands. Namely, should you charge sales on shipping and handling costs or not? It doesn’t help that every single state is different, so it’s not like you […]

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