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washington sales tax

When and How to Collect Sales Tax in Washington

Our customers ask us to help interpret state sales tax laws so they can better understand when they’re required to collect sales tax and how much they’re supposed to collect. To help explain what can be confusing stuff, I put together the following examples for those of you curious about what do do in Washington […]

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Pumpkins sales tax exemption

3 Weird Sales Tax Exemptions

When you went to register for your sales tax permit, you probably noticed that your state considers some items sales tax exempt. Most states, for example, either don’t charge a sales tax on food or tax this life staple at a lower rate. But the food sales tax exemption just scratches the surface when it […]

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sales tax nexus definition

Sales Tax Nexus Defined

The word nexus is a Latin, meaning to bind, join or tie. Since ancient Roman times, it has evolved to mean “a connected series or group.” Nice word, right? Sounds very friendly. That is unless you’re an online seller. When online sellers see the word “nexus” all they can often think about is “sales tax […]

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ca sales tax report

Updated California Sales Tax Reporting

In our ongoing effort to make TaxJar’s Sales Tax Reports map as closely as possible to state forms and websites, we’ve released a pretty significant upgrade to the California Sales Tax Report. When you first view the new California report, you’ll notice that the information is displayed at a higher level than previously. However, we’ve […]

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