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Set Up Sales Tax Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA Seller’s Guide to Sales Tax

When you decided to sell through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA) you made a smart choice. With FBA, Amazon packs and ships your products and provides customer service. In exchange for some of that convenience, though, comes so complexity on the business side of your FBA business. And one of those tradeoffs is sales […]

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Amazon FBA Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

Which Amazon FBA State Ruled Black Friday?

Here at TaxJar many of our customers sell through Amazon FBA, so we thought we’d take a look at our data from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend and determine which FBA state’s* online shoppers most embraced the holiday spirit. According to IBM’s Benchmark tool, Amazon, overall was up 25.9% from 2013. We hope that […]

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PayPal Shopping Cart Duplicate Fix

Have Your Online Cart and PayPal, Too

A number of TaxJar customers have been in a tricky situation. Until yesterday, if you were a TaxJar customer who sold on a platform that accepted payments through PayPal – like Shopify, Bigcommerce or Etsy – and you wanted to integrate your shopping cart and your PayPal account with TaxJar, you had to make a tough choice. Why was this […]

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Wisconsin sales tax

Is Shipping Taxable in Wisconsin?

Every state is different when it comes to sales tax. And that goes for sales tax on shipping charges, too. Some states require online sellers to take the amount charged for shipping and handling into account when charging sales tax. Today we’ll take a look at whether or not you should consider shipping taxable in Wisconsin. […]

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Tennessee sales tax

Is Shipping in Tennessee Taxable?

The tough thing about sales tax is that every state has it’s own rules and regulations. This means that some states will require online sellers to charge sales tax on shipping charges, while others do not. Every state has it’s own way of doing things, and some are a little more complicated than others. Today […]

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