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Is Shipping in Nevada Taxable?

Confused if you’re supposed to charge sales tax on shipping costs? Unfortunately, each state is completely different when it comes to this – some make you collect, others don’t, and others have incredibly complicated rules. This doesn’t help you run your business efficiently. To help you out, we’re going state by state to find out […]

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Is Shipping in New Jersey Taxable?

The more your business expands, the more you have to learn about sales tax. Each state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to this tax, particularly about whether shipping is taxable or not. It can be very confusing and frustrating to a business owner who just wants to sell items and make […]

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Set Up Sales Tax Amazon FBA

Sales Tax FAQ for Amazon FBA Sellers

We’re always thrilled to see more and more new people joining our Facebook group “Sales Tax for eCommerce Sellers.” And we notice that many of our new users are Amazon FBA sellers who always have similar questions, like: “Do I really have to collect sales tax in FBA states?” “How do I know when to […]

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Common and Strange Sales Tax Exemptions

What makes sales tax so confusing sometimes is the fact that not everything is subject to being taxed. There are a multitude of exemptions out there that, while handy, can cause confusion and irritation. You’ll see what we mean below – there are some fairly common ones shared by most states, but some states have […]

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Is Shipping in Kentucky Taxable?

You have sales tax nexus in Kentucky and just noticed that you sold an item to someone in that state. You’re excited because it’s a brand new state for you and that means your reach is expanding. At the same time, though, you’re a little apprehensive because you’re not sure whether you need to charge sales tax for […]

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