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TaxJar NFL sales tax

Which NFL Fans Pay the Most Sales Tax?

  Given the big game coming up this Sunday and our obsession with all things sales tax, we started wondering: who are the luckiest fans when it comes to taking in a game at a stadium? Who pays the most sales tax and who pays the least? We used TaxJar’s Sales Tax Calculator to track the […]

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February Sales Tax Due Dates

February Sales Tax Due Dates

Coming in on the heels of January’s annual “sales tax perfect storm,” February is a much lighter month of sales tax filings for online sellers. Do keep in mind that some annual filing due dates are still straggling in this month, though. Below we’ve listed all states with sales tax due dates in February. To […]

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illinois sales tax

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Illinois

For more information about collecting and remitting sales tax in Washington, check out Illinois Sales Tax Resources. 1. Who needs a sales tax permit in Illinois? You must register before you make any purchases or sales or when you hire an employee. 2. How do you register for a sales tax permit in Illinois? Sellers can register online […]

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Colorado sales tax resources

Is Shipping Taxable in Colorado?

Sales tax can be tricky, especially because each state has a unique set of regulations. A frequently asked question is whether or not to charge sales tax on shipping and handling. Let’s see how Colorado handles this issue for sellers. Is Shipping Taxable in Colorado? Here is what the Colorado Department of Revenue has to […]

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sales tax map

Which states don’t have local sales tax rates?

One of the most complicated things about sales tax is determining which rate to charge. At TaxJar, we strive to make this simple with tools like our Online Sales Tax Calculator (just enter a zip code) and Mobile Sales Tax Calculator (just go there on your mobile device and we’ll tell you the tax rate where […]

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ca sales tax

California State Sales Tax 2015: What You Need to Know

Here at TaxJar we get a lot of support questions about collecting sales tax in California. This make sense when you consider that California is the nation’s most populous state, and even if our users don’t live here, many of them are FBA sellers who have to deal with California sales tax due to storing products in […]

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groceries sales tax exempt

In which states are grocery items tax exempt?

A lot of our FBA seller customers are psyched when they get accepted by FBA to sell in the grocery category. This can be a fun and lucrative category. But one pitfall of the grocery category is figuring out sales tax on grocery items. Many states either consider “grocery food” nontaxable, or they charge a […]

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